About Us

Welcome to Bright Moment Events, LLC. 

Bright Moment Events, LLC. was started because of our love of planning events and it became a way of life for us to create event experiences for our family and friends.  Making special occasions even more special is our goal. 

Our vision is to provide unique experiences for each client in ways that makes them shine brighter than ever before. 

Amani S. Bright

Owner and Executive Event Planner

Amani always had a love for planning events. Every special occasion she would look forward to because somehow she knew that she could make it an enjoyable experience for her friends, family, and other guests. She has over 10 years of event planning and management experience and having a creative side allows her to bring her ideas to life. Amani brings her experience of dealing with clients and guests to her own company and is ready to create a "Bright Moment" for each and every client. 

Jinaki Z. Bright

Executive Creative Director

Jinaki is Amani's sister in "love" and it just made sense for the both of them to create events together. Jinaki is the creative powerhouse behind almost every "Bright Moment" occasion and even planned her own wedding to Amani's brother, Kamau. With her dynamic creative, organizational, and time-management skills, Jinaki definitely will bring any "Bright Moment" to life!